Peter Michos


The Hudson Valley to New York City to Los Angeles and back to the Hudson Valley. That is the road map of my professional odyssey in marketing and design. Along the way, I picked up major experience and collaborated with some of the most creative minds on both coasts. Then I brought it all back to the source.

Today, I work with a hand-picked team of professionals who share my passion for great work and creative thinking. Together, we craft strategy-based campaigns that don’t just win awards but – more importantly – differentiate your company to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We design and execute projects and campaigns for a range of businesses from small and local to large and international. Our clients value our efficiency and attention to their budgets and available resources. We keep overhead manageable, and fees are based on specific requirements.

Let us get the conversation started with your clients and customers, and give you the right tools to engage with clarity and a strong value proposition, so you can win the business your business deserves.